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Lighting Services

A well-lit home is a much more pleasurable space to be in. Guests would rather not have to squint their eyes in order to see where they’re going. However, when lights start to die out and the fix isn’t easy, it may be time to contact Shipley Electric, Inc. for expert lighting repairs and services.

Making sure you have the right light bulb is a number one priority. If you’re wasting your money on non-energy efficient bulbs, you could be spending more money than you need to on your energy bill. Our electrician will make sure you get the right light bulb for the right amount of light in your home. However high the fixture is, we’ll be sure to get the bulb in to replace it as well as check the wiring for safety.

Lighting is essential to the home and can really bring a room to life. For more information on our lighting services, contact Shipley Electric, Inc. in Steele, ND today!